„Shocking Waste“

Neues aus dem vernünftigsten Wirtschaftssystem aller Zeiten:

More than 11m homes lie empty across Europe – enough to house all of the continent’s homeless twice over – according to figures collated by the Guardian from across the EU. […]
On top of the 11m empty homes – many of which were bought as investments by people who never intended to live in them – hundreds of thousands of half-built homes have been bulldozed in an attempt to shore up the prices of existing properties.
Housing campaigners said the „incredible number“ of homes lying empty while millions of poor people were crying out for shelter was a „shocking waste“. […]
There are 4.1 million homeless across Europe, according to the European Union.


Was soll das hier?

Es heißt, zum Kapitalismus gebe es „keine Alternative“. Das wollen wir doch mal sehen. So vernünftig ist er nämlich gar nicht, wenn Sie hier mal reinschauen:

Instead of engaging in the usual moralistic leftist critique of capitalism, this pamphlet tackles the subject head on, on its own turf—economics—and demolishes the common belief that „capitalism delivers the goods.“ Sheppard does this through close consideration of 10 of the most outstanding inefficiencies of capitalism—things such as manufacture of false desires, product duplication, cost-shifting, systemic unemployment, waste of unsold goods, and the inefficiency of hierarchies. Through this analysis, Sheppard shows that, given the labor and resources at hand, capitalism is a horribly wasteful system that produces a pitifully small amount of useful goods and services. (Quelle)